Proline Utility Technologies uses only DILO 100% dry-running SF6 maintenance equipment, eliminating the possibility of contaminating your SF6 with oil and/or refrigerants. Proline Utility Technologies has the following equipment based in Casa Grande, AZ.

SF6 Recovery Equipment
  DILO D-320-R006 - MiniPlus
  DILO B120R51 - Economy
  DILO B120R52 - Performance
  DILO Z288R01 - Mega
  DILO MPC-06 - Dry running compressors

SF6 Test Equipment
  DILO 3-027-R002 SF6 - Volume % Analyzer
  DILO 3-032-R003 SF6 - Decomposition Products Tester
  DILO 3-037-R002 SF6 - Moisture Analyzer
  DILO 3-033-R002 SF6 - Leak Detector

Miscellaneous Equipment
  DILO D-301-R001 - Electronic Cylinder Weighing Scale
  DILO B152R001 - Mass Flow Scale

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Proline UT Facility
Electronic Weight Scale
Percentage Purity Tester
SF6 Gas Decomposition Tester
SF6 Gas Leak Detector
SF6 Moisture Analyzer
Small Vacuum Pump
40 CFM Vacuum Pump
127 CFM Vacuum Pump
Piccolo Recovery System
Mega Recovery System
Mini Plus Recovery System
VTOG Super Mega Recovery System
3AA 220CF 2015 Cylinders In Stock
Connection Fittings For All Applications